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The special Emergency box is going to our amazing doctors , nurses and health care workers at the hospitals. A much well deserved treat after a long shift at the frontlines ! We are also going to extend a 10% discount if you would like to gift them one ! CODE: beeingkindiscool We thank you , in advance, all for your great generosity and for choosing us as a platform to both pamper yourself and to make a difference in the lives of the ones that need us the most at this time. If you want to support please click the link below

Send a box to the hospital

Being nice is cool!

Survivalbox is a carefully curated mix of wellness brands. By buying a box not only are you gifting yourself some of the best goodies to feel strong and healthy but thanks to your support you are also gifting a child a smile and helping to further our mission through providing essentials items to children and families impacted by                Covid-19, including meals!

We will be sending out a check to the charity on behalf of everyones name as soon as all the boxes will be sold, so hurry up, items are limited and don’t forget to leave us your name !!!

Thank you for your great generosity and choosing to make good choices!

10 Self-Pampering Tips Essential for Your Well-being

Please see below the contents of the box with our favorite pampering products to enjoy at home to look and feel your best

"Stay Healthy"

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"Stay chill"

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"Stay Beautiful"

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"Stay Balanced"

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"Stay healthy"

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"Stay Hydrated"

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"Stay energized"

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"Stay Styled"

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"Stay informed"

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"Stay fit"

"Stay young"

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"stay nutriated"

"Stay Safe"

" Stay Clean"

Donating 100 candles to healthcare workers